PUCO acknowledges audit details can be unredacted
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio acknowledged Friday what Checks & Balances Project has reported over the last few weeks: Much of the information redacted from an audit into the effects of Ohio’s HB 6 law no longer deserves protection. The ruling by PUCO Attorney Examiner Megan Addison concluded ““that it appears certain information contained… Read more »
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Audit information still redacted despite PUCO claim
Information removed from the audit into Ohio’s HB6 law by a protective order granted by the Ohio Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) is still unavailable although some of the details were ostensibly unredacted during a Nov. 2 hearing on the case. Those details include the identity of the company that has been overcharging for coal supplied… Read more »
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Michigan County’s Bet On Wind Power Starting To Pay Off
The success of wind projects in adjacent Gratiot County encouraged elected officials in Isabella County to support the development of a wind project that is projected to earn local governments at least $30 million in taxes. Isabella is a heavily agricultural county that hosts Central Michigan University. Now, with the Isabella Wind I and II… Read more »
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Despite Opponent Arguments, Wind Energy Fills Sails In Huron County
ELKTON, Mich. – So pervasive is the misinformation surrounding wind farms in rural Michigan that when Robert Krohn developed lung cancer, some of his neighbors who have known him for years said he probably got it from the 17 windmills Krohn has on his 1,400-acre farm. “It ain’t from the windmills,” the soft-spoken 77-year-old lifetime… Read more »
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uninsured patients
Wall Street Journal Report Echoes C&BP Findings About Uninsured Patients
In May, Checks and Balances Project showed that Sentara Healthcare makes IRS-required policies difficult to access, understand and use At least one uninsured patient was significantly overcharged Until Jan. 1, it was virtually impossible for the public to determine how much hospitals charged patients and insurance companies for the care they provided. Then an executive… Read more »
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Mark Herring
Checks & Balances Project Seeks Virginia AG Investigation Of Sentara Charges For Uninsured Patient
Checks and Balances Project (C&BP) has asked Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring to determine whether the apparent overcharging of an uninsured patient is an isolated incident or part of a larger pattern of overbilling by Sentara. A C&BP investigation using Sentara’s “Transparent Pricing Tool” reveals charges for medical services on a patient’s bill exceeded its… Read more »
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