Eyes on Enefit: Conflicting Claims
For over a century, conflicting claims have surrounded the rock called oil shale. Estonian oil shale company Eesti Energia, and its U.S. arm, Enefit, are no exception to this rule. Whether it’s company executives, other oil executives or financial experts, we’ve seen numerous inconsistencies about Enefit’s financial health, technological capability, impact on the environment, and… Read more »
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Eyes on Enefit: Under fire for risky investments
Eesti Energia, known as Enefit in the U.S., has been under fire from both the Estonian press and high-level Estonian officials for its poor investment record. As Raimo Poom, a columnist for Estonian publication Eesti Paevaleht wrote: “Eesti Energia’s plan to build up a huge shale oil industry raises a lot of questions; financing the… Read more »
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Eyes on Enefit: Oil shale extraction an environmental threat
Contaminated groundwater, 600-foot high piles of oil shale waste that spontaneously ignite, and the emission of “lots of carbon dioxide”; all of this comes from a company that claims to be “highly dedicated to lessening the environmental impact of our production processes.” A look at the facts reveals that, despite its claims, Estonian oil shale… Read more »
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Eyes on Enefit: Untested technology, unproven results
This blog is part of a series about Enefit, and Eesti Energia, covering the company’s financial outlook, background and status of its Utah project. Despite posturing by Enefit’s corporate officers, internal documents and tests show that the company’s attempts to extract and process oil shale in Utah have run into trouble. Enefit Chairman Harri Mikk… Read more »
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