Commissioner Stump’s Text Messages Now Being Examined by Special Master
Commissioner Stump’s Text Messages Now Being Examined by Judge Cole
3,598 Text Messages in Question   Judge David Cole is now examining “thousands of text messages” downloaded by Arizona Attorney General’s office investigators from Corporation Commissioner Bob Stump’s taxpayer-provided smartphone. The phone was seized as part of an investigation into a whistleblower’s claims of misconduct on the troubled Commission. For months, we’ve sought access to… Read more »
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Columbia University President Asked to Compel Global Center on Energy Policy to Divulge Funding
Support by ExxonMobil Spurs Questions by Climate, Clean Energy, and Divestment Groups   Today, Checks and Balances Project and representatives of seven allied organizations sent a letter to Columbia University President Dr. Lee Bollinger, asking that he compel Jason Bordoff, founding director of Columbia’s Global Center on Energy Policy, to release the names of the… Read more »
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California Official Denies Lobbying by Arizona Anti-Rooftop Solar Hired Gun
California Official Denies Lobbying by Arizona Hired Gun
  Lon Huber was special projects advisor for RUCO, the Residential Utility Consumer Office of Arizona, when, in 2013, he proposed a new kind of fee to Chairman Bob Stump of the Arizona Corporation Commission. Huber’s idea was a “fixed charge on every solar customer’s bill.” It would become the nation’s first monthly utility fee for customers who… Read more »
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American Wind Energy Association Calls Out Fossil Fuel Mouthpiece Robert Bryce
Fossil Fuel Mouthpiece Robert Bryce at it Again
Several years ago, Checks and Balances Project confronted top clean energy denier, serial misleader, and fossil fuel mouthpiece Robert Bryce about his fossil fuel funding. Bryce is pretending to be a journalist and a scholar, not telling readers of his pieces that he is financially connected to the fossil fuel lobby. That’s something the New York Times… Read more »
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