Sentara Healthcare is a nonprofit hospital chain, but it’s piled up $6 billion in liquid assets. It pays its CEO $8 million a year. We’ve asked Sentara how they accumulated so much money as a tax-exempt, nonprofit health care organization. It won’t surprise you that Sentara won’t tell us.

So, we’re asking you — Sentara patients and health care workers.

An American Medical Association study last year found more than 20,000 lawsuits had been filed by Virginia hospitals in 2017 against patients who were struggling with hefty medical bills. They went after people’s wages more than 9,300 times – and nonprofit hospitals were the most likely to garnish people’s wages.

If you have had problems with Sentara over billing, aggressive bill collection or court action, we want to know. Tell us your story. Send us a note through our tip line. You can even do that anonymously if you wish.  

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