ALEC Attacks Clean Energy Standards: Ohio & Virginia
Over the past couple weeks, fossil fuel interests and their allies have ramped up attacks on clean energy on the state level. As the Washington Post reported in November, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a fossil fuel-funded advocacy group, has made it a priority to eliminate clean energy standards across the country. From the East Coast… Read more »
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Lisa Linowes and the Disinformation of Industrial Wind Action Group
Lisa Linowes is the Founder and Executive Director of Industrial Wind Action Group, a group dedicated to “counteract misleading information” and provide “residents, as well as government officials, the information to make informed decisions” about wind energy projects. However, the organization routinely promotes discredited problems and messengers instead of credible sources.  On their website, the… Read more »
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Nina Pierpont: Discredited Time and Time Again
Nina Pierpont is a pediatrician and an opponent of wind turbines. In a 2009 book she authored, Pierpont invented the term, “Wind Turbine Syndrome.” Since then, Pierpont’s theories have been widely discredited by the scientific community, which points to severe flaws in her research methodology and lack of statistical validity, among other problems. We pulled… Read more »
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