Meade Township Pays The Price For Believing Anti-Wind Rhetoric
BAD AXE, Mich. – Farmer Paul Holz looks from his home in Meade Township, Mich., to neighboring townships and regrets what could have been. Holz had signed leases with DTE Energy in hopes of placing wind turbines on his land. But resistance fomented by long-time anti-wind agitator Kevon Martis and allied out-of-town wind energy opponents… Read more »
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Which Huron County School Districts Benefit The Most From Wind?
Determining the benefits from wind energy for schools in Huron County required several steps. First, we had to learn how many school districts are in the county and their boundaries. Many covered multiple townships. Second, we learned the exact locations of each wind farm in the county and the locations of the turbines. We used… Read more »
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