For House Republicans, the season of oil and gas giveaways has begun
As reported by Politico’s Andrew Restuccia, Tuesday, House Republicans will spend the summer trying to breathe new life into tired ideas filled with industry giveaways. It’s no wonder given these politicians receive huge contributions from the oil and gas industry. Ironically, these “conservatives” want more mandates and quotas for oil companies while also cutting common… Read more »
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Western Energy Alliance wants taxpayers to front $44 billion in handouts to most profitable companies in the U.S. – billion dollar oil and gas industry
The Western Energy Alliance has once again proved that they’ll go to any length to increase the profit margins of the billion-dollar oil & gas industry. Now they’re lobbying for $44 billion dollars in taxpayer-funded handouts over the next 10 years, despite the fact that the oil and gas companies are some of the most… Read more »
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Reality check on gas prices, public lands
Rhetoric in the public debate on gas prices is heating up from politicians this week. Unfortunately, oil and gas apologists continue to push misinformation on the American public. Instead of exporting American resources so that oil companies get richer, let’s use our oil at home to the benefit of all Americans. There is another simple… Read more »
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It’s summer, time for flip flops
Gas prices have decreased for the past five weeks, in response to the same sort of global economic factors that cause them to increase. But that answer doesn’t work well for oil company politicians and their spokespeople at Fox News. Media Matters takes a good look at how Fox News is flip flopping and saying… Read more »
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