Hickenlooper’s Misdeed #4 – Opposing local efforts to protect residents from oil & gas drilling pollution
Gov. John Hickenlooper continues to oppose local efforts to protect residents from oil and gas drilling pollution, going so far as to sue local governments and taxpayers. In his most recent action, the Hickenlooper-appointed Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission openly joined the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, an industry lobby-group headed-up by CEO Tisha… Read more »
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Hickenlooper’s Misdeed #1 – the Anadarko-Noble Loophole
Governor John Hickenlooper complained about critics saying he is too close to the drilling industry in Colorado. “I am constantly attacked now for being in the pocket of oil and gas, or somehow subservient to their philosophy or their wish,” he said at a lecture last month. The Governor shouldn’t be surprised about his well-earned… Read more »
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