American Wind Energy Association Calls Out Fossil Fuel Mouthpiece Robert BryceSeveral years ago, Checks and Balances Project confronted top clean energy denier, serial misleader, and fossil fuel mouthpiece Robert Bryce about his fossil fuel funding.

Bryce is pretending to be a journalist and a scholar, not telling readers of his pieces that he is financially connected to the fossil fuel lobby. That’s something the New York Times came down on him for, and it’s something Newsweek got called on by Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple earlier this year.

According to this post by American Wind Energy Association’s David Ward, Bryce is at it again.

We frankly don’t understand Bryce’s insistence on ducking the funding question. We openly seek funding from clean energy donors, and we say it at the bottom of every post and on our website. It accurately defines us. The focus then shifts to whether what we say is accurate or not.

Maybe Mr. Bryce doesn’t want to do that because then the focus would shift to whether or not he’s accurate. AWEA counts over 20 times he’s been wrong.

Maybe that is Bryce’s bigger problem.


Scott Peterson is executive director of the Checks and Balances Project, a national watchdog blog that seeks to hold government officials, lobbyists and corporate management accountable to the public. Funding for C&BP comes from pro-clean energy philanthropies and donors.