value of solar
Text Messages Show Taxpayer-Funded Consumer “Advocate” Conspiring with APS Lobbyist
“To Shape the Value of Solar Study Before it Starts” For 18 months, we’ve reported to Arizonans the evidence we’ve uncovered that indicates public business between captured regulators and utility lobbyists is taking place via text messages to conceal their communications. Now a small batch of texts between Lon Huber, Arizona’s Residential Utility Consumer Office’s… Read more »
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David Noble
Nevada PUC’s “Energy Guy” David Noble Shown the Door
Turmoil has enveloped the Nevada Public Utilities Commission. And for good reason. Now Gov. Sandoval has pushed out Commissioner David Noble, where he began his career as an administrative attorney in 1997, before being appointed by Sandoval as a commissioner in 2011, and reappointed in 2012. David Noble was the prime mover behind the PUC’s “Christmas… Read more »
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Key Data Missing from Investigator’s Search of Bob Stump’s Phone
HASH Values Can Tell If Records Have Been Altered Arizona Corporation Commissioner (ACC) Bob Stump is one court decision away from potentially being in a lot of trouble. And he’s not alone. His magical thinking does not change that fact. Our request to obtain 3,547 potential public records exchanged by Mr. Stump on his taxpayer-funded… Read more »
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Wisconsin PSC
Wisconsin Public Service Commission’s Visitors Log Tells Tales
Nine Times More Meetings with Utility Lobbyists Than Clean Energy Reps   On the third floor of the Public Service Commission (PSC) headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, directly across from the elevator, is the guard’s desk. There you’ll find the visitors sign-in log. Our analysis of a 17-month period documents the Commission’s greater than 9-to-1 preference… Read more »
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Arizonans Overwhelmingly Want Stump’s Text Messages Released
Arizonans Overwhelmingly Want Stump’s Text Messages Released
After Year of Evasion on Record Requests, New Poll Shows a Majority Reject Stump’s Assertions    (Note: this story was updated on March 8, 2016.)    Lawyers for the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) tried today to have a judge help it to continue blocking public access to thousands of work-related text messages on Commissioner Bob Stump’s… Read more »
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