Safety in pipelines: The fracking truth
“People die from these things and the people who run the infrastructure for these cities know it they are scared of these systems.” — Dr. Robert Howarth, Cornell University speaking about the pipeline system that carries oil and gas around the United States. As clean up efforts following the Yellowstone River Oil Spill continue, Congress… Read more »
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Five things to consider about the Yellowstone Pipeline leak
Nearly a week has passed and thousands of gallons of crude oil have poured into the Yellowstone River in Montana. The spill has placed attention on America’s often overlooked and aging pipeline system. As the media continues to cover ExxonMobil and its ruptured pipeline, here are a few things to consider about pipelines in the… Read more »
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Yes. $77 billion.
Think Progress has a new report on corporate welfare for Big Oil. The next time you watch the dollar figure at the pump increase a lot faster than the gallons pumped amount, think $77 billion. Read more to find out what we mean.
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A few facts about July 4th gas prices and energy development
American families will be heading to the beaches, barbecues and national parks this weekend to celebrate the birth of our nation. Unfortunately, more families will likely be sticking closer to home due to lingering high gas prices. Meanwhile Big Oil will celebrate the close of another quarter of billion-dollar profits. Second quarter profits won’t be… Read more »
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From The Hill: Smart energy choices are the key to the future
[This op-ed was originally featured on The Hill.] By Randy Udall Americans love panaceas. We want thinner thighs in thirty days, a pill to cure baldness, an ultrasonic gizmo to double our mileage. Cheap gasoline isn’t guaranteed by the Constitution, but each time oil prices spike, politicians squirm as if it was. Unfortunately, energy is… Read more »
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Please sir, I want some more
Wednesday, American Petroleum Institute (API) President (and the oil industry’s chief Oliver Twist impersonator) Jack Gerard held a conference call to announce, “a new API advertising and grassroots campaign to address solutions to a struggling economy.” Gerard claimed if the government opens millions of acres of American land for drilling, then Big Oil can meet… Read more »
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Discrepancies between oral, written testimonies on oil shale
James Bartis, senior policy researcher for Rand Corporation, testified this morning before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on oil shale. His second appearance before Congress has added to the confusion around the failed energy solution. Tuesday, June 07 In response to a question from Sen. Joe Manchin about whether the “country could be… Read more »
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