Tip Sheet: Industry and House members push for drilling shortcuts despite legacy of pollution
**BREAKING NEWS** While testifying at Rep. Lamborn’s hearing BLM deputy director Mike Poole announces a rulemaking plan to, “set guidelines for use of categorical exclusions from detailed National Environmental Policy Act analysis for drilling certain wells.” Ben Geman at The Hill has the story  **BREAKING NEWS** Industry groups and Washington politicians including Western Energy Alliance,… Read more »
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Is Rep. Lamborn promoting unsafe CX?
On Friday, Rep. Doug Lamborn’s Energy & Minerals Subcommittee is holding a hearing to examine categorical exclusions, or CX. During the Bush years, BLM officials used CX to avoid conducting comprehensive environmental impact studies prior to green lighting drilling permits. In May of 2010, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar reformed the use of CX in drilling… Read more »
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Protesters highlight Clinton’s connection to Keystone XL
The connection between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the proposed Keystone XL pipeline was not missed by the thousands of protesters who staked out territory in front of the White House over the last two weeks. On Thursday several protesters brought up the connection between lobbyists with TransCanada, which owns the Keystone, and the… Read more »
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Video outlines industry influence over State Department and Keystone XL
As protestors continue to make their voices heard outside the White House, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s connections to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline have become a hot button issue with those opposing the project. Clinton’s State Department gave the okay for President Barack Obama to rubberstamp the proposed pipeline, which would connect refineries in… Read more »
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The threat to air quality in the West
Don Hooper, Interim Executive Director of the American Lung Association in Utah, and Curt Huber, Executive Director of the American Lung Association in Colorado, wrote an interesting opinion piece for the Salt Lake Tribune. While the West is home to beautiful, open-air landscape, it is be threatened by oil, gas and coal refineries. “For the… Read more »
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3 Security Concerns with the Keystone XL Pipeline
As protesters continue to urge the Obama administration to stop the construction of a 1,600-mile crude oil pipeline, national security issues should be considered. Canada is often considered the United States’ most peaceful and friendly ally. Our neighbors to the north are held in such high acclaim that many have used national security concerns to… Read more »
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Americans for Prosperity creates jobs in China
by Matt Garrington Last week, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) wrapped up their tour to push Big Oil’s agenda under the guise of more jobs and lower energy prices in an effort to weaken protections for our air, water, public lands and oceans. Ironically, it turns out that the AFP tour did help promote jobs …… Read more »
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Bingo! We win nothing; Oil shale still a failed idea
During Wednesday’s fielding hearing led by Reps. Lamborn and Tipton, both the Congressmen and witnesses repeated century-old rhetoric in an effort to promote oil shale as a “environmentally responsible” energy option. And while we managed to fill up our Bingo sheet, we hardly won anything – the hearing resulted in the same failed ideas on… Read more »
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Another oil shale hearing? Let’s play Bingo
On Wednesday, the House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources will host a field hearing on oil shale in Grand Junction, Colo. For nearly a century, oil shale has been promoted as the miracle fuel, but it has yet to become commercially viable, let alone become a realistic option to meet America’s growing energy needs…. Read more »
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Public health voice absent from fracking study
Shutting out public health perspectives is becoming common place, this time its being done by the federal government On Monday the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board’s (SEAB) Natural Gas Subcommittee issued several recommendations to, “improve environmental safety and performance from extracting natural gas from shale formations.” Initial reaction to the report is mixed and that’s… Read more »
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