Sen. Sanders takes on oil speculators
Mad Money’s Jim Cramer and Sen. Bernie Sanders take on oil speculators: “These are some of the most powerful people in the world. They make huge amounts of campaign contributions. They have lobbyists running around all over this place,” [Sen. Saunders] said. “What they do not want is the American people to understand that the… Read more »
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Disclosing the ‘True Ties’ of Op-Ed Writers
Today, 50 current and former journalists, media professors and media professionals joined The Checks and Balances Project to ask the New York Times to end the pervasive practice of industry-funded pundits placing opinion pieces that favors their funders, without these financial ties being disclosed to readers. Through, petitioners can ask the New York Times… Read more »
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Info Graphic shows the BIG FIVE FRACKING THREATS
From earthquakes to poisoning drinking water this image spells out all the concerns  An info graphic posted on CleanTechnica outlines the concerns that people around the world are raising about hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking – as it is commonly called, is an industrial process where poisonous chemicals are mixed with water and injected… Read more »
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Grijalva and Udall request GAO investigation
Last week, Rep. Raul Grijalva and Sen. Tom Udall released a copy of their request for a Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigation to determine if Americans are receiving a fair return on the oil, gas, and hardrock minerals extracted from public lands. This could prove to be an important step to shining the spotlight and… Read more »
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Money Trumps Citizens in Keystone Pipeline Debate
New info-graphic shows that Keystone’s support is small but heavily funded By Andrew Schenkel A recent info-graphic posted to the Huffington Post’s Green section shows the disproportionately large amount of opposition to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline compared to the support for it. The graphic shows that there are literally seven major supporters for the… Read more »
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In a news release earlier today, the Western Energy Alliance claims that “Colorado BLM offered a shockingly low four parcels in 2011” for oil and gas leasing. They failed to mention that Colorado BLM is set to auction an additional 54 parcels covering more than 41,700 acres. And, there are several million acres leased in… Read more »
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Standing Up for Our Western Lands and Heritage
Third generation Wyoming rancher and former director of the Bureau of Land Management in Wyoming Bill Eikenberry is on Huffington Post with a unique perspective on the dangers caused by abusing categorical exclusions to create shorcuts to development. Check out the piece.
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