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A reader sent us this new tip on Saturday:

“Sentara has gutted our hospital here in the western part of the state, Rockingham Memorial Hospital. We have lost a tremendous amount of medical staff and providers over the past 5 years as Sentara changes their contracts, cuts medical salaries and has a non-negotiable mode of operating. We are left with a hospital that cannot provide our patients with urology, gastroenterology, ENT, and very minimal pulmonary coverage. They are working to rebuild our formerly thriving cardiothoracic program when the entire department (CV surgeons and anesthesia) left over contract disputes. The ironic thing is that Sentara owns Optima Health of course, who insures much of our area. They now have insurance for services that Sentara can no longer provide as there are not providers. They need to be investigated here as well. It is slowly hitting the general public news cycle.”


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