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C&BP has been investigating powerful Sentara Healthcare since November 2020. Sentara is a $6 billion non-profit healthcare and insurance giant that enjoys tax-exempt status. Its cash reserves are more than five times that of the Commonwealth of Virginia. According to public records, Sentara is pushing to offload the operating costs of EVMS’s medical school — with which it has a long relationship — onto Virginia taxpayers in order to finalize an $11.5 billion merger with North Carolina’s Cone Health.

Our recent posts about Sentara Healthcare and its web of influence and politics in Hampton Roads is getting attention from local residents. We received this tip from an anonymous reader in south Norfolk:

“There is more than meets the eye to the issue of Sentara that you wrote about…. I have a couple of friends who traced the COPN issue back to 2008, and the closure of DePaul [hospital] now that will hurt minorities. That’s the population right around there. They’ve also, with Truveta, shut down Chesapeake General, our hospital, to being in that group share of data. They’ve been putting Sentara facilities around here. but won’t do diddly for any spots that need it in Chesapeake (South Norfolk).”

As our investigations progress, we often find that some of our best insights come from readers. Please keep sending us tips.

Thank you to all the members of the Hampton Roads community who are providing us with important information.

Don’t be afraid to share you name. We protect all sources.


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