American Wind Energy Association Calls Out Fossil Fuel Mouthpiece Robert Bryce
Fossil Fuel Mouthpiece Robert Bryce at it Again
Several years ago, Checks and Balances Project confronted top clean energy denier, serial misleader, and fossil fuel mouthpiece Robert Bryce about his fossil fuel funding. Bryce is pretending to be a journalist and a scholar, not telling readers of his pieces that he is financially connected to the fossil fuel lobby. That’s something the New York Times… Read more »
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4 Questions Senate Judiciary Members Should Ask NBCC President Harry Alford – But Probably Won't
4 Questions Senate Judiciary Members Should Ask NBCC President Harry Alford – But Probably Won’t
Today, the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Courts holds a hearing titled, “Opportunity Denied: How Overregulation Harms Minorities.” The subcommittee plans to call National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) President Harry C. Alford to testify. I wonder if the senators on this committee find it the slightest bit awkward… Read more »
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Harry C. Alford & National Black Chamber of Commerce Face Questions After Washington Post Article
The Washington Post story titled “In smog battle, industry gets help from unlikely source: black business group,” raises many important questions and concerns about Harry C. Alford and the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Given his aggressive, high-profile stance against pro-clean energy policies, the Checks and Balances Project has been asking Mr. Alford fair and… Read more »
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Why are they hiding? Wall Street Journal Ignores Our Request for Disclosure by Op-ed Authors with Fossil Fuel Ties
Koch-Funded Americans for Prosperity Directors Also Hang-Up or Don’t Return Calls Ever since we first asked why 94% of mainstream media outlets quoted “experts” from fossil fuel front groups without explaining the source of their funding, news organizations have taken a more honest approach. But then there’s the Wall Street Journal, where a recent op-ed… Read more »
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SCLC CEO Sides With Fossil Fuel Lobby Against Clean Energy
SCLC CEO Sides With Fossil Fuel Lobby Against Clean Energy
Recently, Dr. Charles Steele Jr., the president and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), a civil rights organization co-founded by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Reverend Frederick Shuttlesworth, among other prominent leaders and ministers, authored an op-ed arguing against the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan using unfounded cost claims. None… Read more »
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Accuracy Happens: A Fossil Fuel Pundit’s Funding Is Exposed
Charles Koch?…. “His organization just sends me money.” Something unusual and encouraging just happened, and few people likely noticed. In 2013, Checks and Balances Project broke important ground by documenting the remarkable effectiveness of front groups funded by the fossil fuel lobby. In our True Ties report, we uncovered how these groups position themselves as… Read more »
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Will the American Energy Scorecard Ask Lawmakers to Reject All Subsidies?
The American Energy Alliance announced on Jan. 8 “the nation’s first and only free-market congressional energy accountability scorecard.” But how much of their new scorecard will be devoted to getting mature, highly profitable fossil fuel industries off corporate welfare? In AEA’s announcement, it declares the new Scorecard will “educate lawmakers” and “empower the American people,”… Read more »
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