While Leading Flawed Inquiry into Seitz, Taft Attorney Represented Former Sen. Hite’s Victim

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Janica Pierce Tucker Janica Pierce Tucker of Taft Law was selected to lead the investigation into a sexual harassment complaint against powerful House Majority Leader Bill Seitz. The inquiry was driven in part by Seitz’s inappropriate joke about Hite’s conduct that referenced the Marvin Gaye song, “Let’s Get It On.”

Checks and Balances Project Hires Ohio First Amendment Attorney Jack Greiner to Enforce Citizen Access to Public Records

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Jack Greiner Jack Greiner will explore a lawsuit enforcing public access to a Special Counsel Report on Sexual Harassment in the Ohio House of Representatives. The watchdog group is also seeking documents revealing the scope of the investigation, as well as who served in the role of Special Counsel, how they were hired, who decided to hire them and how much the work cost taxpayers.

“Elected Officials in Bakersfield and Kern County are Becoming Poster Kids for Secrecy and Evading Simple Records Requests”

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Bakersfield If there is nothing in elected officials’ texts messages to be concerned about, wouldn’t it be simpler and more cost effective for members of the Bakersfield City Council and Kern County supervisors to allay concerns and release them? Why work so hard to keep them hidden? Perhaps soon citizens will find out.