Oil and gas welfare queen parking only
Remember back when Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) said he would have EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson in front of Congress so often she’d need her own parking space? Maybe he should have made the same offer to oil and gas welfare queen Kathleen Sgamma. Today’s Energy and Power Subcommittee hearing marks the… Read more »
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An Open Letter to Gov. Cuomo: Drink This?
Dear Governor Cuomo: As you move closer to deciding whether to allow fracking to contaminate your residents’ water, we thought it was only fair to let you know what your residents are in for. Here is water from Westmoreland County, PA, that was contaminated by fracking chemicals. The sample was collected there in November 2011… Read more »
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‘Shine a Light’ ad campaign calls for county transparency
A new ad campaign by the Checks and Balances Project calls on county commissioners in Colorado and Utah to stop closed-door meetings with oil shale lobbyists on the taxpayer dime. “The public business should be done in public. We launched today’s ad campaign to ‘Shine a Light’ on the backroom deals with oil shale companies… Read more »
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It’s DÉJÀ vu all over again – Oil-backed politicians hold conference call to push new handouts to oil companies
The House Majority leadership has declared it will bring a package of  “oil-above-all” bills to a vote next week. They’re calling the bills the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act (DEJA). We’re calling it the DÉJÀ VU bills, because it’s simply more of the same: Oil-sponsored politicians are trying to create new government handouts to their… Read more »
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Could be a sequel to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Alan Prendergast at Westword tells the story of Rep. Jared Polis’ successful effort to stop a new $25 million giveaway for the failed energy source oil shale. And he starts it with the best headline we’ve ever seen: Jared Polis, zombie killer, dispatches undead oil shale subsidies (Also, thanks for the shout out Alan) Excerpt:… Read more »
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Issa continues to lead oil crusade against renewable energy
Champions oil above everything else for campaign donors Matt Garrington, Denver-based co-director of The Checks and Balances Project, offered the following statement and facts regarding today’s hearing on Thursday’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on an all of the above energy policy: “Chairman Darrell Issa’s (R-Cal.) own words show that his idea of an… Read more »
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Colorado congressmen continue putting donors before families
Matt Garrington, Denver-based co-director of The Checks and Balances Project, offered the following statement and facts regarding today’s markup of three bills sponsored by Colorado House Republicans that would create more giveaways to the oil and gas industry: H.R. 4381, H.R. 4382 and H.R. 4383. “Reps. Doug Lamborn, Scott Tipton, and Mike Coffman should have… Read more »
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Oil & gas industry continues rampant speculation on public lands
Today, the Interior Department released a report which shows that the oil and gas industry continues to hold millions of acres of leased lands and waters where neither production or exploration activities are being conducted. The report comes ahead of a legislative package of land giveaways by three Colorado Congressman which is up for a… Read more »
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