PUCO acknowledges audit details can be unredacted
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio acknowledged Friday what Checks & Balances Project has reported over the last few weeks: Much of the information redacted from an audit into the effects of Ohio’s HB 6 law no longer deserves protection. The ruling by PUCO Attorney Examiner Megan Addison concluded ““that it appears certain information contained… Read more »
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Resource Fuels owner filed no lobbying reports despite pushing for HB 6
The Boich Companies filed Ohio forms claiming they conducted no lobbying from 2017 through 2019, even though court records show their officials were intimately involved in the passage of HB 6, the law requiring state ratepayers to bail out two coal-fired power plants. Boich’s lobbying reports are another facet of the company’s stealth campaign to… Read more »
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Audit information still redacted despite PUCO claim
Information removed from the audit into Ohio’s HB6 law by a protective order granted by the Ohio Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) is still unavailable although some of the details were ostensibly unredacted during a Nov. 2 hearing on the case. Those details include the identity of the company that has been overcharging for coal supplied… Read more »
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PUCO’s protective order redacts publicly available information
A protective order issued by the Ohio Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) in its audit of the scandal-plagued HB6 law redacts publicly available information that can be found on federal websites and the annual reports of the utility bailed out by HB6. The order issued July 7, 2023, said information contained in the audit conducted by… Read more »
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