Why are they hiding? Wall Street Journal Ignores Our Request for Disclosure by Op-ed Authors with Fossil Fuel Ties
Koch-Funded Americans for Prosperity Directors Also Hang-Up or Don’t Return Calls Ever since we first asked why 94% of mainstream media outlets quoted “experts” from fossil fuel front groups without explaining the source of their funding, news organizations have taken a more honest approach. But then there’s the Wall Street Journal, where a recent op-ed… Read more »
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Checks and Balances Project Welcomes New Senior Fellow Evlondo Cooper
My name is Evlondo Cooper and I’d like to introduce myself as Check and Balances’ new senior fellow. Checks and Balances Project provides an invaluable service by demanding transparency and accountability around issues such as the environment, clean energy and public health. These are issues I care about deeply. As a former Orleans Parish criminal… Read more »
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University of Virginia Study Finds 11 Major Flaws in Coal Center’s Energy Analysis Relied Upon by Gov. McAuliffe and Legislature
In a study released last week, energy expert Dr. William Shobe of the University of Virginia dismantles the key, state-sanctioned analysis of how Virginia should meet the requirements of the federal Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon emissions. That analysis, produced last fall by a team led by Dr. Michael Karmis, director of the Center… Read more »
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Utah State’s Ryan Yonk: Same Soup as Randy Simmons, Different Bowl
Koch-backed research fellow prepares to push misinformation in front of Ohio RPS study committee. Since being burned for a misleading op-ed that he wrote for Newsweek, Utah State University (USU) Prof. Randy Simmons is letting his colleague, Dr. Ryan Yonk, bat “cleanup.” But if Yonk’s work on behalf of Koch-funded organizations goes unchallenged, Ohio’s economy… Read more »
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