Cleveland County

– Despite Pledge to Act “Quickly,” Cleveland County Officials Remain Silent on Taxpayer Funds to Moore

– C&BP Goes Directly to Public

Last month, we presented our analysis of Tim Moore’s invoices as part-time County Attorney to Cleveland County Manager Brian Epley, who pledged to look into the matter “quickly.” But three weeks later, there’s been no response. So, we decided to take our questions directly to the citizens of the county.

Our two central questions are:

  1. North Carolinians Paid Tim Moore $604,319 in government checks over the last three years. How did you do?
  2. When Moore was hired as County Attorney, he declared it a “part-time job.” His cousin, Jason Falls, who played a role in getting him a contract, said it would save taxpayers money. But according to our analysis, it has cost taxpayers significantly more, while Moore has earned a large amount of money for what he asserted would be “a part-time job.’ As his predecessor asked, “Is this in the best interest of the taxpayers of Cleveland County?”

Here are a few more images of our mobile billboard from November 3-6, 2018, in Shelby and Cleveland County, North Carolina:

Cleveland County


Cleveland County


Cleveland County

The driver of our mobile billboard reports dozens of thumbs up, horn honks, and waves. One person wrote on Twitter, “Thank you. I live in Cleveland County and our local newspaper doesn’t print anything negative about Tim Moore.”

The Shelby Star did, however, run our mobile banner ad and a full- page newspaper ad on Sunday.

Cleveland County




Cleveland County taxpayers deserve answers to these questions. We’ll keep our readers informed of any updates.


Scott Peterson is executive director of Checks and Balances Project, an investigative watchdog blog that seeks to hold government officials, lobbyists and corporate management accountable to the public. Funding for C&BP comes from sustainable economy philanthropies and donors.


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