Silence of the Lamborn on Pledge to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies
**Update: Our friend Tom Kenworthy from the Center for American Progress breaks down the economic facts behind drilling over at The Wonk Room. The question remains: Will Lamborn, Hastings and their colleagues finally work to end government welfare for fossil fuels?** On Monday, March 28, a group of 15 residents of the Colorado Springs area… Read more »
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Clearing up muddy waters on the oil and gas debate
Today, the Department of Interior released a report which details the amount of land the Obama administration has made available for drilling, the rate of drilling permits processed, and how little land is actually in use. It’s time to clear up the muddy waters around the drilling debate, and today’s report by the Obama administration… Read more »
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Maybe the Big Bird will set Big Oil Free
Re-posted from There’s been much ado over Rep. Lamborn’s push to “set Big Bird” free by cutting federal tax dollars to NPR. Just yesterday, the Colorado Springs Independent reported that a group of local citizens are asking him to pledge to set Big Oil free of the billions of subsidies they get which drive… Read more »
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Rhetoric vs. Reality: A closer look at WEA’s top 10
This week, Western Energy Alliance (WEA) released what it claims are the, “Top 10 ways the federal government is preventing onshore oil and natural gas production.” The Checks and Balances Project decided to take a closer look WEA’s list and make sense of the lies put out by the oil and gas industry: Rhetoric Reality… Read more »
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Doc Hastings likes his Webster’s Abridged
Thursday, Doc Hastings is holding yet another, carefully scripted, incredibly slanted hearing to promote his position that the Department of the Interior should return to the rip-roarin’ land grab of the Bush era. The good ol’ days when oil and gas companies could snatch up millions of acres of public land for song – or… Read more »
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Getting the facts straight about western support for Wild Lands
Memo: Getting the facts straight about western support for Wild Lands Oil and gas industry-backed politicians in Washington this week are continuing their efforts to return to the industry land-grab days of the Bush administration by ignoring the facts during “oversight” and budget hearings. Instead of supporting common-sense reforms that will drive robust energy development… Read more »
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Rep. Lamborn echos industry talking points on drilling
Representative Doug Lamborn (CO-5) last night parroted oil and gas industry claims that regulations are preventing drilling on public lands in the West. But let’s take a look at the facts: Of the 30 million acres of drillable BLM lands under lease by oil and gas companies, two thirds, or 20 million acres, have not… Read more »
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Colorado On Pace For Huge Fracking Year, and Zero Fracking Permit Rejections
Despite sweeping changes to the State’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission accountability remains the same Despite increased regulations put in place by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, permits for fracking have only continued to increase in the state, while literally none have been rejected. Frank Smith of the Western Colorado Congress, a non-partisan… Read more »
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