Monica Crowley
Monica Crowley Is Wrong About Green Energy in The Washington Times
She ignores the disproportionate health effects fossil fuel pollutants have on low-income and minority communities Instead of repeating fossil fuel talking points and discredited research, I’d hoped Monica Crowley’s recent piece on clean energy would offer an explicit and clear call for policies to address the challenges of climate disruption. That she’d advocate for proven… Read more »
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American Wind Energy Association Calls Out Fossil Fuel Mouthpiece Robert Bryce
Fossil Fuel Mouthpiece Robert Bryce at it Again
Several years ago, Checks and Balances Project confronted top clean energy denier, serial misleader, and fossil fuel mouthpiece Robert Bryce about his fossil fuel funding. Bryce is pretending to be a journalist and a scholar, not telling readers of his pieces that he is financially connected to the fossil fuel lobby. That’s something the New York Times… Read more »
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Industry-funded oil shale expert conceded higher water use estimates for commercial oil shale production are credible
Over the past year, Dr. Jeremy Boak, Director of the industry-funded Center for Oil Shale Technology and Research at the Colorado School of Mines, has stated that commercial oil shale extraction would use one to three barrels of water per barrel of oil shale produced. However, the independent, non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimated that… Read more »
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Yes. $77 billion.
Think Progress has a new report on corporate welfare for Big Oil. The next time you watch the dollar figure at the pump increase a lot faster than the gallons pumped amount, think $77 billion. Read more to find out what we mean.
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Small Time Landowners Continue to Clash With Big Frackers in Colorado
Home loss, sickness, fines and big corporate profits are now part of the western landscape Colorado seems to be a hotbed for high-profile concerns about water contamination near natural gas drilling sites. The western slope of Colorado is becoming one of the most common sites in the nation for hydraulic fracturing, the practice of injecting… Read more »
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