Fossil Fuel Operatives Using Social Media Pressured Ohio County to Spurn Wind Tax Millions
February 14, 2019
A new investigation uncovers how a sophisticated social media disinformation campaign helped to convince Van Wert County to reject further wind development....
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Wind Farm Tax Revenue
Two Neighboring Ohio Counties, Two Different Economies
February 7, 2019
While Van Wert County ended all wind energy development, Paulding, located to its north, embraced it. The results are that Paulding County taxpayers are benefiting from increased county tax revenue, stronger public schools and a boost in its bond rating by the international agency Moody’s Investor Service....
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Will Stanford University Enforce Its Ethics Policy Regarding Professor Brock-Utne, M.D.?
February 5, 2019
Brock-Utne’s article in a medical publication doesn’t disclose payments of $48,000+ from drug and medical device companies....
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Cleveland County
Inconvenient Questions Tour Rolls into House Speaker Moore’s Home Town
November 6, 2018
Last month, we presented our analysis of Tim Moore’s invoices as part-time County Attorney to Cleveland County Manager Brian Epley, who pledged to look into the matter "quickly." But three weeks later, there’s been no response. So, we decided to take our questions directly to the citizens of the county....
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Kevon Martis
Coal-Backed Anti-Wind Guru Barrels into Ohio’s Seneca County to Attack Wind Energy
October 25, 2018
Kevon Martis positions himself as a volunteer who travels the country educating local communities. “I am not paid by the fossil fuel companies to fight wind,” Martis declared, but admitted that his expenses are covered....
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Speaker Moore
Speaker Moore’s Ex-Girlfriend Decides If Bail Bonds Cases Should be Recommended for Prosecution
October 15, 2018
Jennifer Gray has the power to pursue or sideline cases against individual players and companies in the powerful North Carolina bail bonds industry....
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Tim Moore
Cleveland County Exec Promises Review of Tim Moore’s Questionable Billing But Silence Follows
November 1, 2018
Questions Grow About Tim Moore’s Taxpayer-Funded Government Checks Totaling $604,319 Over Three Years....
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Checks and Balances Project Documents: Accelerated Attacks on Clean Energy by Koch Network
September 11, 2018
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Taft Stettinus & Hollister
C&BP Files Ethics Complaint Against Seitz’s Former Law Firm that Cleared Him in Sexual Harassment Investigation
June 22, 2018
Attorney General DeWine’s spokesman: Taft Stettinus & Hollister LLP, where Bill Seitz worked for 36 years, conducted the conflicts review internally "and tell us if they’re clean or not…. It’s their professional licensure at risk.” ...
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Nicholas Loris
Case Study: Nicholas Loris, a Career Spent in the Koch Universe
April 17, 2018
Loris published 15 attacks on the Paris Climate Accord from April 16, 2016, through June 28, 2017, and played a major role in the Trump Administration's decision to abandon the agreement — making the United States the only nation in the world not to be a part of that historic accord....
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Koch Industries
Koch Denounces Thanksgiving Subsidies While Accepting $422 Million from States and Localities
December 1, 2017
The Charles Koch Institute posted to Facebook about how Thanksgiving is a subsidized holiday. Yet Koch Industries and its subsidiaries have accepted 230 awards worth $422 million from states and localities – the majority since 2010 – plus 78 more with undisclosed amounts....
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