Toledo Blade Is First Major Paper to Call for “Re-do” of Seitz Investigation
June 21, 2018
Attorney General Mike DeWine hired the law firm of Taft Stettinius & Hollister to conduct the Seitz Investigation as Special Counsel for the Ohio House of Representatives. The problem is that the outside firm is a former long-time employer of Rep. Seitz....
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Bill Seitz
Ohio House of Representatives’ “Seitz Investigation” into Sexual Harassment Cost Taxpayers $12,000 to Interview Just Two People
June 15, 2018
Records now obtained by C&BP from the Ohio legislature reveal that the law firm hired to conduct what it called the “Seitz Investigation” was Taft Stettinus & Hollister LLP —the firm where Bill Seitz worked for 36 years....
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House GOP Caucus
3rd Rail Politics to Ohio House GOP Caucus: Clean Up Your Act
May 16, 2018
Declares House Majority Leader ill Seitz "should be immediately stripped of leadership titles and all committee assignments, shunned.”...
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Speaker Kirk Schuring
Seitz’s Use of Special Counsel Report Raises More Questions in Ohio
May 15, 2018
On May 4, we sent a letter to Ohio House Speaker Kirk Schuring and asked him to release the Special Counsel's Report on Sexual Harassment and other documents. But Rep. Seitz responded to our reporting with his own letter. ...
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“Elected Officials in Bakersfield and Kern County are Becoming Poster Kids for Secrecy and Evading Simple Records Requests”
May 11, 2018
If there is nothing in elected officials’ texts messages to be concerned about, wouldn't it be simpler and more cost effective for members of the Bakersfield City Council and Kern County supervisors to allay concerns and release them? Why work so hard to keep them hidden? Perhaps soon citizens will find out....
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Kirk Schuring
C&BP Calls for Release of Ohio House’s Independent Counsel Report on Sexual Harassment
May 4, 2018
Despite Mounting Evidence of Ethics Problems in the Ohio House, Continued Silence from Schuring on Seitz’s Conduct...
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Nicholas Loris
Case Study: Nicholas Loris, a Career Spent in the Koch Universe
April 17, 2018
Loris published 15 attacks on the Paris Climate Accord from April 16, 2016, through June 28, 2017, and played a major role in the Trump Administration's decision to abandon the agreement — making the United States the only nation in the world not to be a part of that historic accord....
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Kern County District Attorney Lisa Green
Kern County District Attorney’s Look Into “All Allegations” Should Include Brown Act Violations
February 22, 2018
As the District Attorney starts her probe, we encourage her to ensure that any money from the now-infamous “political cover” grant application by the Bakersfield Association of Realtors (BAR) was used properly. ...
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Koch Industries
Koch Denounces Thanksgiving Subsidies While Accepting $422 Million from States and Localities
December 1, 2017
The Charles Koch Institute posted to Facebook about how Thanksgiving is a subsidized holiday. Yet Koch Industries and its subsidiaries have accepted 230 awards worth $422 million from states and localities – the majority since 2010 – plus 78 more with undisclosed amounts....
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Mike Pence
5 Facts About Mike Pence and the Koch Bros. Not Included in Jane Mayer’s New Yorker Article
October 20, 2017
The U.S. is fixated on Trump. But the Koch Brothers are getting stronger. Through Mike Pence they're preparing to take over of the federal government....
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offshore wind
Will Shipping Lobby’s Handiwork Sabotage Offshore Wind Energy?
February 7, 2017
An obscure Coast Guard committee, co-chaired by the powerful shipping lobby, has the power to force drastic cuts to lease areas that offshore-wind developers have already purchased....
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