Industry’s new leaf?
Maybe the oil and gas lobby’s latest efforts should strike hope in the hearts of Coloradans. Are they turning over a new leaf and willing to balance energy development with conservation interests? Maybe … maybe not. From Colorado Oil and Gas Association Director Tisha Schuller’s “charm offensive” to Western Energy Alliance President Tim Wigely’s “poll… Read more »
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For House Republicans, the season of oil and gas giveaways has begun
As reported by Politico’s Andrew Restuccia, Tuesday, House Republicans will spend the summer trying to breathe new life into tired ideas filled with industry giveaways. It’s no wonder given these politicians receive huge contributions from the oil and gas industry. Ironically, these “conservatives” want more mandates and quotas for oil companies while also cutting common… Read more »
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Tipton staffer goes to WEA, raises his ties to oil and gas companies
Colorado Congressman Scott Tipton’s close and questionable ties to oil companies have been a source of controversy since he was first elected. These include: His campaign contributions from oil companies; His financial investments in oil companies lobbying for the Keystone Pipeline – which he voted in favor of , and His ties to SG Interests,… Read more »
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The story behind The Road to Nowhere
Jeff Hartley, a lobbyist for oil shale company Red Leaf Resources, interviewed with Utah-based NPR affiliate KCPW in early August. Mr. Hartley used the interview to try to spin the facts and deny that the Seep Ridge Road project is a taxpayer-funded subsidy for Red Leaf. The project, dubbed the “Road to Nowhere” in the… Read more »
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Oil and gas welfare queen parking only
Remember back when Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) said he would have EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson in front of Congress so often she’d need her own parking space? Maybe he should have made the same offer to oil and gas welfare queen Kathleen Sgamma. Today’s Energy and Power Subcommittee hearing marks the… Read more »
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Issa continues to lead oil crusade against renewable energy
Champions oil above everything else for campaign donors Matt Garrington, Denver-based co-director of The Checks and Balances Project, offered the following statement and facts regarding today’s hearing on Thursday’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on an all of the above energy policy: “Chairman Darrell Issa’s (R-Cal.) own words show that his idea of an… Read more »
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Colorado politicians fast track new giveaways to donor oil companies
Matt Garrington, Denver-based co-director of The Checks and Balances Project, offered the following statement and facts regarding today’s hearing on Colorado House Republicans’ three bills to give away more of the West to the oil and gas industry: H.R. 4381, H.R. 4382 and H.R. 4383. “Reps. Lamborn, Tipton and Coffman are doing a great job… Read more »
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Announcing the Western Lands and Energy Dashboard!
The sheer scale of the Big Oil rhetoric-fest that was unleashed after President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) address was tremendous. But as we read through clips and blogs, we realized there is a lot of poetry out there, but no prose. So we decided to create a one stop shop of easily accessed,… Read more »
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From ‘Astroturf’ to Drilling in the West: Tim Wigley heads to WEA
Yesterday, the Western Energy Alliance (WEA) announced that it had selected former lobbyist Tim Wigley as its new president. Wigley comes from the oil-and-gas lobbying firm, PAC/West where he managed its DC operations.  The experience will come in handy when managing WEA’s $70,000 to $85,000 yearly spending habit of lobbying the federal government. According to… Read more »
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