On Tuesday, Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM) proved again that he’s one of the hardest working politicians on Capitol Hill when it comes to the oil & gas agenda. Rep. Pearce incorrectly claimed that wilderness protection is preventing the state from making money. Unfortunately for the congressman, New Mexico media reported just yesterday that the state is collecting record revenues from the oil and gas industry.

Rep. Pearce’s latest interesting interpretation of facts came during a House Natural Resources Committee meeting. The committee was debating GOP Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) new legislation attacking wilderness study area designations. Republicans argue that protections for air, water and land block energy development and impede upon Big Oil profits.

Not surprisingly, Rep. Steve Pearce argued in favor of the legislation. He said New Mexicans couldn’t make money because of a lack of oil and gas production in protected areas.

Incidentally, Pearce has taken $1,280,901 in oil and gas campaign contributions over his career. Oil and gas companies have also invested $181,600 in McCarthy.

The Durango Herald reported that New Mexico’s government pulled in $17.2 million from drilling lease revenues in June, and $19.5 million in the first week of July.

Just as Big Oil is about to announce their second quarter profits, the oil-and-gas-funded politicians continue to try to secure more and more government handouts for this billion-dollar industry.

Rep. Pearce, how much will be enough for your oil and gas sponsors?