Grijalva and Udall request GAO investigation
Last week, Rep. Raul Grijalva and Sen. Tom Udall released a copy of their request for a Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigation to determine if Americans are receiving a fair return on the oil, gas, and hardrock minerals extracted from public lands. This could prove to be an important step to shining the spotlight and… Read more »
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Money Trumps Citizens in Keystone Pipeline Debate
New info-graphic shows that Keystone’s support is small but heavily funded By Andrew Schenkel A recent info-graphic posted to the Huffington Post’s Green section shows the disproportionately large amount of opposition to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline compared to the support for it. The graphic shows that there are literally seven major supporters for the… Read more »
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In a news release earlier today, the Western Energy Alliance claims that “Colorado BLM offered a shockingly low four parcels in 2011” for oil and gas leasing. They failed to mention that Colorado BLM is set to auction an additional 54 parcels covering more than 41,700 acres. And, there are several million acres leased in… Read more »
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Standing Up for Our Western Lands and Heritage
Third generation Wyoming rancher and former director of the Bureau of Land Management in Wyoming Bill Eikenberry is on Huffington Post with a unique perspective on the dangers caused by abusing categorical exclusions to create shorcuts to development. Check out the piece.
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Andrew Morriss: Bought and Biased Pundit on MSNBC
On Monday, Andrew Morriss of the Mercatus Institute was a guest on the Dylan Ratigan Show. In a recent profile of the Industrial Wind Action Group, the Checks and Balances Project highlighted Mr. Morriss one of the many “experts” using disinformation to attack renewable energy. The Mercatus Institute has received millions of dollars from the… Read more »
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ThinkProgress blogs on Tipton’s field hearing
The team over at ThinkProgress posted a well researched, thoughtful article on Rep. Tipton’s field hearing today to review drilling standards. It turns out there is evidence that drilling near groundwater supplies can have negative effects on people’s health. Click to read the full story.
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Coal reality vs. rhetoric and the money behind the lies.
A utility report reveals that without coal the lights stay on For years the rhetoric from coal country is that the United States doesn’t have enough energy to replace its coal plants, but recent events debunk these claims. In reality coal power plants are being shut down and utility insiders say there’s plenty of energy… Read more »
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Tip Sheet: Industry and House members push for drilling shortcuts despite legacy of pollution
**BREAKING NEWS** While testifying at Rep. Lamborn’s hearing BLM deputy director Mike Poole announces a rulemaking plan to, “set guidelines for use of categorical exclusions from detailed National Environmental Policy Act analysis for drilling certain wells.” Ben Geman at The Hill has the story  **BREAKING NEWS** Industry groups and Washington politicians including Western Energy Alliance,… Read more »
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Is Rep. Lamborn promoting unsafe CX?
On Friday, Rep. Doug Lamborn’s Energy & Minerals Subcommittee is holding a hearing to examine categorical exclusions, or CX. During the Bush years, BLM officials used CX to avoid conducting comprehensive environmental impact studies prior to green lighting drilling permits. In May of 2010, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar reformed the use of CX in drilling… Read more »
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