Lamborn bill protects taxpayer handouts to oil shale companies
Amendments to protect American jobs and water fail The following is a quote from Denver-based Checks and Balances Project co-director Matt Garrington with three need-to-know facts regarding HR 3408. “Today, House Natural Resources Committee Republicans voted against American workers, American families and reducing our national deficit. They voted in favor of another government handout to… Read more »
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Oil and gas industry “sitting pretty”
New analysis shows more than 6,500 drilling permits undeveloped, 97 percent in the Interior West Denver, CO – The oil and gas industry has failed to develop 6,573 federal drilling permits issued by the Bureau of Land Management, even though the agency has given these oil and gas operators a green light to drill. Over… Read more »
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Oil Shale, a century-old science fiction story
The shale covered a large area and the state oil experts declare that promised development of the deposits will mark a new era in oil production of the country. – Pittsburgh Press, October 6, 1916 With Americans struggling to pay the high price at the pump, some elected officials, industry lobbyists, and oil and gas… Read more »
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