Ray Locker is the new executive director of Checks and Balances Project, succeeding Scott Peterson, who takes on a new role as C&BP’s senior fellow.

He is also the author of Nixon’s Gamble: How a President’s Own Secret Government Destroyed his Administration and Haig’s Coup: How Richard Nixon’s Closest Aide Forced Him from Office.

While C&BP’s enterprise and investigations editor, Locker led the blog’s reporting on the activities of health care conglomerate Sentara. Findings from that investigation helped lead to the scrapping of Sentara’s planned $11.5 billion merger with Cone Health of North Carolina.

“I’m excited to take on this new role,” Locker said, “and I look forward to building on Scott Peterson’s work to make C&BP a stronger force for the future.”

As C&BP’s executive director, Peterson led investigations into corrupt practices by Arizona officials who favored the state’s dominant utility, Arizona Public Service. He also led efforts to probe the conduct of Ohio officials involved in an ethically challenged deal to stifle wind energy in the state on behalf of First Energy, the northeastern Ohio utility that is now under a criminal probe for a historic, $61 million bribery scandal.