One Month Later, No Response from Gov. KasichIt has now been more than one month since the Checks and Balances Project made a formal request for information from Governor Kasich. We asked that his administration make public records of discussions they may have had with Koch Industries representatives and Ohio utilities in the run up to the Governor’s freeze of the state’s popular and successful renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. We remain hopeful that Governor Kasich will come clean about his record.

On Tuesday, we made an effort to remind the Kasich administration about our request. We tried to get in touch with Sam Porter, Kasich’s Assistant Chief Counsel, and were told he was in a meeting. More than 48 hours later, we have not received any word back.

We made our initial records request in light of a recent $12,155 donation (the maximum allowed donation under Ohio campaign finance law) made by David Koch, of Koch Industries, Inc. to Governor Kasich’ 2014 re-election campaign, as well as the thousands of dollars in campaign donations the Governor has received from utilities such as First Energy and other Ohio utilities. Ohioans deserve to know why Governor Kasich decided to sign SB 310 despite the fact that it could cost Ohio consumers $1.1 billion dollars (PDF), put 25,000 Ohio jobs at risk, was overwhelmingly opposed by Ohioans, major editorial pages in the state, and a significant number of major businesses.

You can download a PDF of our FOIA submission here.