On Friday, Rep. Doug Lamborn’s Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources will again meet to discuss energy’s “fool’s gold,” oil shale. For a century, the oil and gas industry, and the politicians they support, have turned to the rock that burns whenever they want to distract from high oil prices or tout a new “jobs solution.” And over the course of that hundred or so years, the rhetoric around oil shale has neither changed much, nor ever produced viable results.

Oil shale is simply an opportunity to fuel Wall Street speculation on our public lands. It creates zero energy and zero jobs.

That led The Checks and Balances Project to create the Oil Shale Bingo game. It’s easy to play. Simply follow along during Friday’s hearing, and every time you hear one of same phrases that have been repeated countless times in support of oil shale, mark it off on your card. Then let us know when you get a Bingo by tweeting us @CandBP and use hash tag #oilshalebingo.

Click to download your Oil Shale Bingo card.