A closer look at those in power who are friendly to the fracking industry (Part 3 of 3)

Picking your friends is an important task and for the hydraulic fracking industry. It means selecting folks to be part of a close nit group. When the Huffington Post published our Facebook fracking graphic, it showed that there are some tight connections between energy companies and those tasked with regulating the hydraulic fracturing process. Hydraulic fracturing is a process where chemicals and water are mixed and injected underground at a high pressure to get to previously inaccessible natural gas supplies.

Because there have been some serious concerns about fracking and water contamination a microscope has been places on those who regulate it. In the heavily fracked state of Colorado, David Neslin, the head of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), is someone many are taking a closer look at. And the closer one looks at the COGCC and Neslin, the easier it is to see that their relationship is quite friendly.

Neslin who was reappointed to head the COGCC this summer by fellow fracking friend John Hickenlooper (include link) decided to take a field trip this spring to Washington, DC. Before a congressional committee, Neslin repeatedly painted a rosy picture of the hydraulic fracturing process. He said water contamination had never happened in the state and continuously went on to mention the jobs created by fracking in Colorado. But this was a bit different from what he told the Checks and Balances Project just five minutes after his committee hearing ended. (Video posted below).


Neslin admitted that cracks in cement casings, and failures in containment wells had indeed led to toxic fracking fluid making its way into water supplies. He also admitted that he was aware of Geoffrey Thyne findings that methane from fracking had indeed made its way into the West Divide Creek. It seems Neslin just decided to not mention this to the Senate committee. Perhaps he was just protecting industry interests. Neslin has refused to respond to friend requests from the Checks and Balances Project since the encounter.

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