The House Natural Resources Committee met yesterday for a hearing titled, “Harnessing American Resources to Create Jobs and Address Rising Gasoline Prices – Part III: Impacts on Seniors, Working Families and Memorial Day Vacations.”

The hearing seems to have generated about as much interest as another trequel, “Police Academy 3: Back in Training.” The majority invited three witnesses who all did their part to support the hearing’s title by stating that high energy prices do, in fact, affect senior, working families and people traveling for vacation. You can read the committee’s press release for a summation of each of the majority’s witnesses’ remarks.

What you won’t read in that release are the remarks of a rising star on the energy stage, Truman National Security Project Fellow Drew Sloan. Mr. Sloan, a two-tour Afghanistan veteran and winner of a bronze star and a purple heart, works at OPower, a northern Virginia, energy-efficiency company. His remarks on the national security and economic needs to move our nation to renewable energy were reasoned and respectful. Unfortunately, they seem to have been omitted from the committee’s press release. The Checks and Balances Project is looking for the hearing transcript and will publish his remarks as soon as we can locate it.

One of Mr. Sloan’s remarks that had us laughing came in response to Rep. John Fleming’s (R-LA-04) assertion that he’s never met anyone with a green job. Mr. Sloan simply raised his hand and said that he has a green job. There was no response from Rep. Fleming, but that could be because Rep. Doug Lamborn, who was chairing the event, ended the speaking portion halfway through Mr. Sloan’s sentence.

Speaking of Rep. Fleming, he also said that the government doesn’t give any subsidies to Big Oil. This seems strange since the Senate just held a vote on whether or not to end $21 million of those subsidies. It is worth noting Rep. Fleming has taken $248,350 from Big Oil over the course of his 2.5 or so years in Congress. That’s about $99,000 per year.

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