Sam Randazzo indicted for role in Ohio’s HB 6 scandal
Sam Randazzo, the former chair of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, was charged in an 11-count indictment for his involvement in the passage of the HB 6 that bailed out money-losing nuclear- and coal-fueled power plants and gutted Ohio’s renewable energy mandate. Randazzo, the PUCO chair from April 2019 until his resignation in November… Read more »
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Audit information still redacted despite PUCO claim
Information removed from the audit into Ohio’s HB6 law by a protective order granted by the Ohio Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) is still unavailable although some of the details were ostensibly unredacted during a Nov. 2 hearing on the case. Those details include the identity of the company that has been overcharging for coal supplied… Read more »
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PUCO’s protective order redacts publicly available information
A protective order issued by the Ohio Public Utilities Commission (PUCO) in its audit of the scandal-plagued HB6 law redacts publicly available information that can be found on federal websites and the annual reports of the utility bailed out by HB6. The order issued July 7, 2023, said information contained in the audit conducted by… Read more »
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How we calculated Thomas’ travel costs
To determine the cost of the travel that billionaire Harlan Crow paid for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as reported in the April 6 ProPublica article, we used a variety of publicly available sources. Air travel: We used an hourly rate of $15,000 to operate a Bombardier Global 5000 jet, which Crow uses to fly… Read more »
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Ohio convictions end one chapter of long-running corruption saga
The conviction of former Ohio House speaker Larry Householder and state Republican Party chairman Matt Borges in a $61 million bribery trial ends just one chapter in a long-running saga of corruption in Ohio that Checks & Balances Project has uncovered over the last decade. At the heart of the scandal is FirstEnergy, a fossil… Read more »
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