Ted Zukoski at unEarthed compares the oil and gas industry to a hungry, angry baby in his blog post today examining Secretary Salazar’s and the BLM’s latest decision to protect Colorado’s Vermillion Basin while allowing drilling on the vast majority of lands in the area.

“Meet the oil and gas industry in Colorado, the crybaby of the West’s public lands debate,” is his line following a metaphorical intro involving cake that made us briefly think he was recreating the old Bill Cosby parenting bit. Ted delivers a clear view of the facts surrounding the oil and gas industry’s insatiable appetite for land.

In spite of a 24-year high in drilling activity and the availability of 7,000 unused drilling permits with a green light to drill, the oil and gas industry still says that allowing drilling on 90 percent of a 2.4 million acre parcel is a “conservation-only approach.”

We recommend giving Ted’s post a read.