Evlondo CooperMy name is Evlondo Cooper and I’d like to introduce myself as Check and Balances’ new senior fellow. Checks and Balances Project provides an invaluable service by demanding transparency and accountability around issues such as the environment, clean energy and public health. These are issues I care about deeply.

As a former Orleans Parish criminal investigator for nearly three years, I often had to persuade crime victims and witnesses to testify in open court at great personal risk to themselves. Watching these courageous individuals, I realized that people are willing to take brave actions if the truth is on their side and their cause is just.

I hope to use my investigative skills to expose those trying to obscure and distort the truth about climate change and clean energy.

I was displaced by Hurricane Katrina and still carry many unpleasant memories from that difficult time. After the Great Recession began in 2008, I started an economic blog to educate my readers and myself about what led to the collapse of the global economy. Both of these events taught me the necessity of fighting for strong, transparent civic and political institutions committed to upholding the public trust.

Now, I’m proud and humbled to finally work with Checks and Balances Project, dedicated to informing the public about how and why decisions are made, asking tough questions and holding policymakers, corporate managers and lobbyists accountable. The days ahead promise to be quite interesting.

Evlondo Cooper, Senior Fellow, Checks and Balances Project

(Note: Senior Fellow Joel Francis is on leave from the Project for personal reasons.)