by Matt Garrington

On Wednesday, Rep. Doc Hastings led a full oversight hearing focused on President Obama’s now-lifted Gulf of Mexico moratorium to examine “lingering impacts on jobs, energy production and local economies.” Meanwhile, Hastings continues to waste taxpayer money on oversight hearings for problems that don’t exist. Domestic oil production and energy jobs are actually higher now under Obama than when Bush left office. In fact, oil and gas companies are worried about a skilled labor shortage to handle all the new jobs.

The hearing yesterday is just another pay-to-play hearing from Hastings where he uses taxpayer money to give air time to his Big Oil campaign contributors.

Key facts ignored during the hearing:

  • Domestic crude oil production is higher now under President Obama than when President Bush left office (see figure below).
  • Oil and gas activity is back to pre-recession levels and actually nearing a 20-year high. In fact, there are more active drill rigs in the United States than all other countries combined.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that energy jobs are at a 20-year high and that industry is actually worried about a shortage of skilled workers.
  • On April 20, 2011, ATP Oil & Gas CFO Al Reese who is testifying at today’s hearing contributed $1,000 to Rep. Hastings re-election campaign.

Chart data from the Energy Information Administration