On November 28, The Wall Street Journal published an editorial that misrepresents facts about our nation’s energy infrastructure. Here’s our response:

The Wall Street Journal’s Nov. 28 editorial, “The Non-Green Jobs Boom,” misrepresents the truth about America’s energy industry.

The simple fact is that energy development is not a zero sum game between oil and drinking water, natural gas and clean air. President Obama has proved that we can have a thriving energy industry alongside increased protections for our land, air, and water.

The oil and gas industry is booming under this administration. Baker Hughes reported that U.S. drilling activity is at its highest level in 24 years. On Nov. 30, your paper reported that the U.S. is set to become a net exporter of petroleum products “for the first time in 62 years.”

While your editorials are quick to blame Obama for our struggling economy, you are not willing to give him praise for the healthy energy industry we have now. That stinks of high partisanship.

President Obama has wisely looked for a balanced, pro-American energy strategy. Last year, the solar industry employed more than 100,000 Americans, and solar jobs climbed 6.8 percent over the last year, (compared to a national increase of just 0.7 percent).

This President has the most pro-American energy record in recent memory. He deserves the credit.

Matthew Garrington
Checks and Balances Project