Group’s new oil shale report contains wildly inaccurate claims
The Institute for Energy Research (IER), recently posted a blog about oil shale that doesn’t have its facts straight. The IER blog falsely claims that the federal government put oil shale resources ‘under lock and key’. Oil shale companies have been awarded billions in taxpayer-funded subsidies and received research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) leases on publicly… Read more »
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Western Energy Alliance wants taxpayers to front $44 billion in handouts to most profitable companies in the U.S. – billion dollar oil and gas industry
The Western Energy Alliance has once again proved that they’ll go to any length to increase the profit margins of the billion-dollar oil & gas industry. Now they’re lobbying for $44 billion dollars in taxpayer-funded handouts over the next 10 years, despite the fact that the oil and gas companies are some of the most… Read more »
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The Maine Players Attacking Renewable Energy: The Koch Brothers
In a new report, the Maine Conservation Alliance asks: are we debating renewable energy, or the Koch brothers’ profits?” Maine’s renewable energy standards have been the prime target of the Koch Machine – front groups, think tanks, and legislators with financial ties to Koch Industries and its two billionaire owners: the Koch brothers. The Renewable… Read more »
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Western Energy Alliance brazenly flubs facts in new poll
Western Energy Alliance is hard at work spinning their new survey, which underscores the lengths to which they’ll go to increase the profit margins of the billion dollar oil and gas industry – even when that means putting water, public health, and local communities at risk. WEA announced their new poll a month ago, but just released… Read more »
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Industry presentation on energy development misses a few facts
Yesterday, we attended an industry webinar about the future of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) energy development on publicly owned lands – Master Leasing Plans (MLPs). The intent of MLPs is to reform BLM oil & gas leasing in order to ensure smart energy development by reducing red tape for industry and proactively protecting the… Read more »
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Rep. Hullinghorst working to end Hickenlooper Anadarko-Noble loophole- which puts Colorado’s water at risk
Gov. Hickenlooper likes to tout Colorado’s oil and gas rules as a national model, saying that the state has found the middle ground on development. Unfortunately, his administration’s Anadarko-Noble loophole is another example of Gov. Hickenlooper putting the profits of the oil and gas industry ahead of Coloradans. The good news is that champions for… Read more »
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