Oil shale industry front group misleads public on support for radical oil shale plan
The industry front group, Environmentally Conscious Consumers for Oil Shale (ECCOS) deliberately misled the public and trumped up support for a radical plan that puts our water and communities at risk from oil shale speculation. The group’s Executive Director Brad McCloud purposefully misrepresented stakeholder comments submitted on the Interior Department’s draft proposals for the research… Read more »
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Reality check on gas prices, public lands
Rhetoric in the public debate on gas prices is heating up from politicians this week. Unfortunately, oil and gas apologists continue to push misinformation on the American public. Instead of exporting American resources so that oil companies get richer, let’s use our oil at home to the benefit of all Americans. There is another simple… Read more »
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Name that Representative! Republican Study Committee Meets with ALEC
On Friday, the Heritage Foundation sent security staff to confront the Checks and Balances Project (C&BP) when it attempted – from public property – to identify the high-profile lobbyists and members of Congress who were attending a closed-door meeting between the Republican Study Committee and the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Heritage Foundation security… Read more »
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Bipartisan Poll: Garfield County Commissioners’ actions on drilling, oil shale dividing voters
Plurality of voters disagree with the county commissioners’ closed-door meeting in Utah According to a new bipartisan poll, Garfield County voters are deeply divided over their county commissioners’ recent actions on several oil and gas drilling and oil shale issues. The poll examined three controversial decisions made by the county commissioners, whether voters believe the… Read more »
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Coalition Sends Letter to Duke Energy CEO: Drop ALEC
Today, the Checks & Balances Project joined a coalition of democracy advocates calling on Jim Rogers, Chairman, President and CEO of Duke Energy Corporation, to drop his company’s affiliation with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC serves as a conduit to feed big business-sponsored legislation to members of state legislatures across the country. ALEC’s… Read more »
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The story behind The Road to Nowhere
Jeff Hartley, a lobbyist for oil shale company Red Leaf Resources, interviewed with Utah-based NPR affiliate KCPW in early August. Mr. Hartley used the interview to try to spin the facts and deny that the Seep Ridge Road project is a taxpayer-funded subsidy for Red Leaf. The project, dubbed the “Road to Nowhere” in the… Read more »
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Oil Shale Lobbyist Uses Debunked Defense of Secret Meeting
Last week, Utah-based NPR affiliate KCPW interviewed Jeff Hartley, an oil shale lobbyist for Red Leaf Resources. In that interview, Hartley defended the actions of county commissioners from several Utah, Colorado and Wyoming counties who took part in a closed-door meeting with Mr. Hartley and an appointee of Governor Gary Herbert, as well as other… Read more »
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