[wpvideo LojNFtp1] If you’re having trouble viewing the video, watch it on our YouTube or Vimeo pages. Update 2/15/12, 6:34 PM EST: Co-director Matt Garrington’s statement on the failure of the Polis amendment which would have struck Lamborn’s oil shale boondoggle from the highway bill: “We applaud Rep. Polis for recognizing the failure of H.R…. Read more »
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Will Boehner End Oil and Gas Industry Welfare?
The price at the pump is hovering around $4/gallon, while oil and gas companies are reporting billions in first quarter profits. So wasn’t a complete shock when Speaker John Boehner said, earlier this week, that Congress should look at ending the fossil fuel industry’s multi-billion dollar tax breaks. After all, how does Congress plan to… Read more »
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