American Wind Energy Association Calls Out Fossil Fuel Mouthpiece Robert Bryce
Fossil Fuel Mouthpiece Robert Bryce at it Again
Several years ago, Checks and Balances Project confronted top clean energy denier, serial misleader, and fossil fuel mouthpiece Robert Bryce about his fossil fuel funding. Bryce is pretending to be a journalist and a scholar, not telling readers of his pieces that he is financially connected to the fossil fuel lobby. That’s something the New York Times… Read more »
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Fossil Fuel-Funded Think Tank Promulgates “Study” Attacking Wind and Solar
The Heartland Institute, which receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from the fossil fuel industry, including Koch Industries, rightly came under criticism this week for its secretive role in promulgating anti-climate change science. Sadly, fossil fuel-funded efforts to spread misinformation using benign-sounding front groups don’t stop with climate change. The fossil fuel industry has also… Read more »
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Anti-Clean Energy ‘Pundit’ Unhinged By Basic Question: Are You Bankrolled By Fossil Fuels?
By Gabe Elsner The fossil fuel lobby aggressively uses lobbying and propaganda to block public health protections, manipulate the energy debate, defend their massive government handouts and attack clean energy sources that threaten to displace them. No tool goes unused: Traditional lobbying, “Super PAC” donations, software that floods opinion websites with favorable comments, and a… Read more »
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Disclosing the ‘True Ties’ of Op-Ed Writers
Today, 50 current and former journalists, media professors and media professionals joined The Checks and Balances Project to ask the New York Times to end the pervasive practice of industry-funded pundits placing opinion pieces that favors their funders, without these financial ties being disclosed to readers. Through, petitioners can ask the New York Times… Read more »
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