Vail-area Rep. Polis, some energy experts doubtful oil shale will ever pan out – Real Vail 02/21/11

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David O. Williams | February 21, 2011 | Reposted from Real Vail Congressman Jared Polis, a Boulder Democrat who represents Vail and surrounding Eagle County, is skeptical that vast oil shale reserves just to the west of his district in neighboring Garfield County are what one pro-business publication last week deemed “the brightest hope for… Read more »

Obama challenges lawmakers to support cuts to oil subsidies – E2 Wire 02/15/11

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Andrew Rustuccia | February 15, 2011 | Reposted from The Hill’s E2 Wire Lawmakers should support a proposal to eliminate tax breaks for the oil and gas industry if they are “really serious about the deficit,” President Obama said Tuesday. But the proposal, outlined in Obama’s budget request Monday, faces major obstacles in Congress. Republicans… Read more »

Rep. Lamborn echos industry talking points on drilling

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Representative Doug Lamborn (CO-5) last night parroted oil and gas industry claims that regulations are preventing drilling on public lands in the West. But let’s take a look at the facts: Of the 30 million acres of drillable BLM lands under lease by oil and gas companies, two thirds, or 20 million acres, have not… Read more »

Millions of gallons of diesel fuel pumped into the ground as fracking fluid

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The latest news out of Washington and Colorado shows that the need for transparency in natural gas production heightens as each day passes. Unlike other toxic chemicals, which are allowed to be injected into the ground for natural gas extraction under an exception known as the Halliburton loophole, the Safe Drinking Water Act specifically forbids… Read more »

Colorado On Pace For Huge Fracking Year, and Zero Fracking Permit Rejections

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Despite sweeping changes to the State’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission accountability remains the same Despite increased regulations put in place by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, permits for fracking have only continued to increase in the state, while literally none have been rejected. Frank Smith of the Western Colorado Congress, a non-partisan… Read more »

Small Time Landowners Continue to Clash With Big Frackers in Colorado

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Home loss, sickness, fines and big corporate profits are now part of the western landscape Colorado seems to be a hotbed for high-profile concerns about water contamination near natural gas drilling sites. The western slope of Colorado is becoming one of the most common sites in the nation for hydraulic fracturing, the practice of injecting… Read more »

America’s Fracking Concerns

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Studies across the nation reveal legitimate worries exist across party lines Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” as it is more commonly known, is a growing concern in the minds of many Americans according to a recent national survey. Fracking is the practice of sticking toxic chemicals into the ground to get to natural gas. And as… Read more »