New EVMS Rector Resigns, Citing Health Concerns

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The newly elected rector of Eastern Virginia Medical School’s (EVMS) Board of Visitors abruptly resigned last week after less than one month on the job, the school has announced. The election of Dr. Marcus Martin to the post came as the medical school has weathered pressure from the owner of EVMS’s teaching hospital, Sentara Healthcare…. Read more »

Will DOJ’s Renewed Focus On Antitrust Turn To Sentara?

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As Bacon’s Rebellion’s Sherlock Reports, Hampton Roads $6B health care conglomerate’s actions suggest it’s concerned about antitrust issues Those familiar with our reporting on Sentara Healthcare know we’ve raised issues about potential antitrust problems, particularly with Sentara’s aborted, $11.5 billion merger with North Carolina’s Cone Health. Now, thanks to James Sherlock of Bacon’s Rebellion, we… Read more »

Veteran Communications Consultant Mike Mikus Joins Checks And Balances Project

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Checks and Balances Project is happy to announce that Mike Mikus, a longtime communications consultant, is joining the news organization as a reporter. During 2020, Mikus served as a frequent contributor on CBC in Canada during the 2020 presidential election. He also provides political analysis and commentary to national publications such as the New York… Read more »

Sentara’s Whine About Unfair Coverage

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As Checks and Balances Project reported on the business practices of Sentara Healthcare, we sought comment from the company’s top spokesperson — Danya Bushey – more than 20 times, so we could get the company’s version of events. Bushey rarely responded. But in recent stories in the Washington Post and Virginian-Pilot, as well as a… Read more »

Europe Rolls Out Plan to Shift From Fossil Fuels, an Effort That Could Impact Trade

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Europe’s plan to cut fossil fuel emissions by 55% by 2030 is ambitious, and just around the corner. But it also means a huge shift in trade and consumption patterns, The New York Times reports. Read More …

Anti-Wind Activists Leave Trail of Recrimination, Lost Revenue In Rural Michigan Communities

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A trio of anti-wind activists have crisscrossed rural Michigan over the last dozen years, casting doubt on proven science, making unfounded allegations of government corruption and refusing to disclose the source of their financial support.   As a result, rural Michigan communities they have visited have been mired in fierce disputes among neighbors, marked by… Read more »

Wall Street Journal Report Echoes C&BP Findings About Uninsured Patients

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In May, Checks and Balances Project showed that Sentara Healthcare makes IRS-required policies difficult to access, understand and use At least one uninsured patient was significantly overcharged Until Jan. 1, it was virtually impossible for the public to determine how much hospitals charged patients and insurance companies for the care they provided. Then an executive… Read more »

North Carolina Attorney General’s Office Cites C&BP Reporting In Derailed Sentara-Cone Health Merger

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“Your input was shared with the attorneys in our office who were in the midst of conducting a thorough review of this proposed affiliation.“ – North Carolina Attorney General’s office   Last month, Checks & Balances Project (C&BP) asked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to review the proposed, $11.5 billion merger between Sentara Healthcare and… Read more »

Did Sentara Healthcare Abuse Its IRS Tax-Exempt Status?

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Checks & Balances Project Files Complaint With IRS Asking for an Investigation Checks and Balances Project (C&BP) has filed a complaint with the IRS asking the agency to investigate and, depending on the findings that investigation, possibly remove Sentara Healthcare’s nonprofit, tax-exempt status. Here is the Memorandum in Support. C&BP has exposed Sentara’s unclear financial… Read more »

Sentara Called Off $11.5 Billion Cone Health Merger After Months Of Scrutiny

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An investigation by Checks & Balances Project exposed for regulators the company’s conflicts of interests, strong-arm tactics and potential overcharges of uninsured patients. Sentara Healthcare’s announcement Wednesday that it was no longer trying to merge with Cone Health of North Carolina follows a series of reports by Checks and Balances Project (C&BP) over the last… Read more »