Virginia’s Largest Health Insurer Seeks Investigation of Sentara

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Anthem, the largest health insurer in Virginia, has asked state Attorney General Mark Herring to investigate hospital giant Sentara for “anti-competitive harm” caused by the company, the Virginia Mercury reported. Herring’s office would not comment on whether any investigation was started or is ongoing, but Anthem’s action is one of the many such complaints about… Read more »

Born of Great Recession Pressure, Michigan County’s Bet On Wind Energy Now Pays Big

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As the nation lurched toward a financial crisis in 2007 and 2008, leaders in central Michigan’s Gratiot County say they realized then that they had a lifeline to economic stability: Embracing wind energy. They used the county’s planning process to allow the placement of wind farms throughout Gratiot County. These wind farms now provide at… Read more »

County Records Show Wind Projects Paid More Than $9 Million In Taxes to Huron County

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Huron County governments and schools received $9.1 million in taxes from wind projects in 2020, records provided by the county treasurer show. That money has helped pay for improved roads, services and school facilities. County Treasurer Debra McCollum provided the information after Checks & Balances Project filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the… Read more »

How Michigan Uses Wind Farm Revenue To Support Schools

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A feature investigation Each year, wind farms throughout Michigan pay tens of millions of dollars in taxes that support the local school systems in rural communities that often have declining populations and tax bases. Just how that money reaches school districts depends on the state’s complicated school finance system and whether communities have approved bond… Read more »

Sentara Fined $4.3 Million For Filing Improper Claims For Observation Services

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The Department of Health and Human Services has announced that Sentara Healthcare, the Hampton Roads area hospital and insurance conglomerate has paid a $4.3 million fine for the submission of “improper claims” for observation services for patients at Sentara hospital emergency rooms. In a release, the HHS Office of the Inspector General said “Sentara submitted,… Read more »

In Community Consideration of Wind Farms, Projects’ Financial Benefits Not Always Visible to Residents

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BAD AXE, Mich. – In multiple conversations with local residents of Huron County, Mich., a clear theme is that while the 472 wind turbines quietly circling above local farms are visible, the financial benefits they provide are not. One woman waiting in line at Emma’s Coffee House said she hears about how wind projects pay local… Read more »

Ray Locker Succeeds Scott Peterson As Checks & Balances Project Executive Director

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Ray Locker is the new executive director of Checks and Balances Project, succeeding Scott Peterson, who takes on a new role as C&BP’s senior fellow. He is also the author of Nixon’s Gamble: How a President’s Own Secret Government Destroyed his Administration and Haig’s Coup: How Richard Nixon’s Closest Aide Forced Him from Office. While… Read more »

UPDATE: Checks And Balances Files FOIA Request For Township’s Wind Ordinance Records

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UPDATE: Oakfield Township Clerk Sue Trainer replied to our Freedom of Information Act and said the township had no records about the possible wind ordinance other than the record of the initial mention of the ordinance during an August meeting. The township board of trustees will meet Sept. 14 to discuss the potential ordinance further,… Read more »

Rep. Lauren Boebert Must Resign

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Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., must resign for not disclosing the fact that her husband made more than $900,000 as a fossil fuel consultant over the last two years. One of the most controversial House members, Boebert has assembled a pro-fossil fuel voting record. In February, she introduced a bill that would stop the president from… Read more »

Despite Opponent Arguments, Wind Energy Fills Sails In Huron County

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ELKTON, Mich. – So pervasive is the misinformation surrounding wind farms in rural Michigan that when Robert Krohn developed lung cancer, some of his neighbors who have known him for years said he probably got it from the 17 windmills Krohn has on his 1,400-acre farm. “It ain’t from the windmills,” the soft-spoken 77-year-old lifetime… Read more »