Seitz Phone Log Provides Insights into His Contacts with Ohio Energy Lobbyists

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Seitz phone log Today, we’re publishing a searchable log of office phone calls by powerful Ohio House Majority Leader Bill Seitz. Analysis of the call log provides new insights into his contacts with influential energy lobbyists in the state capital of Columbus. Since January, we’ve been asking why the self-styled “free market” Seitz has worked so aggressively to bailout… Read more »

New Statewide Poll: Just 16% of Ohio Voters Believe Seitz’s Claim Sexual Harassment Complaint is “Meritless”

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Seitz We’ve been asking the leadership of the Ohio House for months to tell the public what steps they taking to ensure that they don’t have a culture of sexual harassment, and that Seitz’s inappropriate behavior was an isolated incident – and not a pattern. They have evaded the questions, which are beginning to take a toll in terms of credibility and public trust.

Top Headlines: Oct. 29th, 2015

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Top news stories covering C&BP’s Lawsuit for Access to Commissioner Bob Stump’s Taxpayer-Funded Phone.   Roberts: State sued in fight for Stump’s text messages (Arizona Republic) The Checks and Balances Project on Wednesday sued both the Arizona Corporation Commission and Arizona Attorney General’s Office. This, in its continuing quest to get a look at the ever-elusive text messages… Read more »

In smog battle, industry gets help from unlikely source: black business group

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Excerpt from The Washington Post (9/28/15): “In smog battle, industry gets help from unlikely source: black business group” The National Black Chamber of Commerce, which acknowledges receiving strong financial backing from Exxon Mobil and other ­fossil-fuel interests, has specifically tailored its message to African American audiences, drawing anger from environmental and public health groups that… Read more »