CBO affirms Checks and Balances Project analysis – Lamborn oil shale bill will create zero revenue

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The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) finished scoring Rep. Doug Lamborn’s PIONEERS Act today. They’ve determined: “Enacting the legislation would not affect revenues.” Read the CBO report. Lamborn’s bill, H.R. 3408, would direct the Secretary of the Interior to provide oil and gas companies with two million acres of public lands, to be used for… Read more »

House Natural Resources Committee takes yet another action promoting same oil and gas giveaways, mandates leasing quotas for oil companies

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The U.S. House Natural Resources Committee meets on Wednesday to mark up a slew of bills, and sandwiched in among them are a familiar series of giveaways to the multibillion-dollar oil and gas industry. In fact, the legislation would mandate leasing quotas for oil companies and increase speculation on public lands. “The oil and gas… Read more »

Oil shale: Energy’s pink unicorn

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Grover Norquist, founder of the right wing, anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform, recently spoke out about the folly of spending tax dollars on pink unicorns, since they don’t exist. Following his logic, government shouldn’t create handouts for oil shale, since it doesn’t exist as an energy source. We want to see if Mr. Norquist… Read more »

Release: Rep. Hall out to lunch, promotes bill to risk millions more on failed oil shale experiments

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Hall charges forward with oil boondoggle bill just as Congress and the President work to hammer out agreement to avoid fiscal cliff Washington, D.C. – Today the House Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment pushed forward a new boondoggle bill for oil companies. H.R. 6603, sponsored by Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX) would create $50 million… Read more »

House passes new handouts to oil, leaves the rest of transportation bill on the side of the road

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The Public Lands Team at ThinkProgress Green points out that the only pieces of Speaker Boehner’s highway bill the GOP-led House has passed are the special handouts to oil companies. Interestingly, the Center for Responsive Politics reported the oil and gas industry has given congressional Republicans $8,151,215 so far this cycle. That’s compared to $1,156,820… Read more »