Oil and Gas Real Estate Agent Helen Hankins at it Again in Thompson Divide

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Today, the Colorado Bureau of Land Management State Director Helen Hankins’ office announced it will extend the life of about two dozen oil and gas leases acquired by SG Interests and Ursa Resources Group in Colorado’s Thompson Divide area. These leases were set to expire this year because leaseholders had failed to conduct any meaningful… Read more »

Conservation group sends BLM Director Hankins a sign

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This week, Alan Prendergast wrote in Westword about a new Environment Colorado campaign to protect Colorado’s national parks from drilling: “When you’re a bureaucrat under fire, accused of being a tool of Big Oil, there’s nothing like a big, wet kiss from your critics to let you know you’re being watched — closely. Particularly if… Read more »

ICYMI: Colorado BLM and Helen Hankins come under fire for ‘irresponsible’ drilling approach

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Over the past few weeks, Colorado Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director Helen Hankins has come under fire in the press, from local community leaders and others for her skewed and unbalanced approach to public land use. A former superintendent of Dinosaur National Monument recently took Dir. Hankins to task in a Denver Post column,… Read more »

Forget common sense and good business, CO BLM Director Hankins’ actions spur red tape, protests and public outcry

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Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) announced that as oil and gas leasing on public lands increased in 2012, the number of protested leases declined. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in Colorado. It’s just the opposite under Colorado Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director Helen Hankins. In her state, lease protests… Read more »

Media shines a light on Colorado BLM leasing plans

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News stories last week show that BLM Colorado State Director Helen Hankins is up to her old tricks. According to stories in E&E News’ Energywire, the Durango Herald, and the Denver Business Journal, Dir. Hankins is following her consistent pattern of offering to auction off controversial land for oil and gas, even after major public… Read more »

Industry’s new leaf?

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Maybe the oil and gas lobby’s latest efforts should strike hope in the hearts of Coloradans. Are they turning over a new leaf and willing to balance energy development with conservation interests? Maybe … maybe not. From Colorado Oil and Gas Association Director Tisha Schuller’s “charm offensive” to Western Energy Alliance President Tim Wigely’s “poll… Read more »

Analysis: Colorado BLM failing to enact Obama energy reforms – creating red tape, uncertainty

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A stunning new analysis shows striking inefficiencies at work in Colorado that should infuriate anyone looking for a smarter approach to federal oil and gas leasing – including both conservationists and energy companies. In Colorado, leases sold by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have attracted nearly three times the number of costly, time-consuming lawsuits… Read more »

Former park rangers launch group to protect America’s national parks from irresponsible oil & gas drilling

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Former park rangers have launched a new group, Park Rangers for Our Lands, to provide solutions to irresponsible plans to drill near America’s national parks. The former park rangers are advocating for a balance between energy development and conservation, just at a time when Colorado Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director Helen Hankins has tried… Read more »