Householder gets 20-year sentence for his role in massive utility bailout scheme

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Larry Householder, the former Ohio House speaker convicted of bribery and racketeering for his role in a massive scheme to bail out a utility’s failing power plants, has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison. “You were not serving the people,” U.S. District Judge Timothy Black told Householder. “You were serving yourself. You were… Read more »

How we calculated Thomas’ travel costs

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To determine the cost of the travel that billionaire Harlan Crow paid for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as reported in the April 6 ProPublica article, we used a variety of publicly available sources. Air travel: We used an hourly rate of $15,000 to operate a Bombardier Global 5000 jet, which Crow uses to fly… Read more »

How much would you pay to travel in luxury like Clarence Thomas? $3 million, a C&BP analysis shows

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Pro Publica’s ground-breaking reporting on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas accepting junkets from a real estate mogul has created a flurry of controversy about the lack of federal judicial ethics. The controversy raises a basic question: How much would it cost you, as an average citizen, to buy travel that Thomas was given over the… Read more »

Second group follows C&BP in filing FEC complaint against Santos

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A second watchdog group has followed the Checks & Balances Project (C&BP) in filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., and his campaign treasurer connected to potentially false statements in his campaign accounts. The Campaign Legal Center (CLC) filed its complaint Jan. 9, claiming that Santos hid did the… Read more »

Checks and Balances Project files FEC complaint against Rep.-Elect George Santos

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The Checks and Balances Project (C&BP) has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission seeking an investigation into the finances of the successful 2022 campaign of Rep.-Elect George Santos, R-N.Y. Santos’ campaign reported receiving $705,000 in loans from the candidate for the 2022 campaign, but recent reports in the New York Times show no… Read more »

Health Statistics: No Signs of Wind Turbine-Related Illnesses

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Opponents of wind energy in Michigan and elsewhere frequently assert they oppose wind farms because of their impact on public health. But Checks & Balances Project (C&BP) spent several weeks reviewing health statistics from American communities with significant numbers of wind turbines. The records and relevant public health authorities report no negative health effects from… Read more »

Opposition to wind forces Michigan employers to look elsewhere for renewable energy

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By the end of this year, Michigan companies will produce 3,544 megawatts of renewable energy, state statistics show, from an assortment of sources, including 38 wind farms that generate the vast majority of that electricity. Yet, many large Michigan employers seeking to power their facilities with renewable energy are now having to turn to out-of-state… Read more »