San Bruno Disaster Emails Published in a New, Searchable Database
Records The California Public Utilities Commission Didn’t Want You to See!  Today, we publish 120,746 emails and attachments exchanged between Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The 70,157 emails and 50,589 attachments are provided for free as a public service in a new database that allows for three different… Read more »
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California Official Denies Lobbying by Arizona Anti-Rooftop Solar Hired Gun
California Official Denies Lobbying by Arizona Hired Gun
  Lon Huber was special projects advisor for RUCO, the Residential Utility Consumer Office of Arizona, when, in 2013, he proposed a new kind of fee to Chairman Bob Stump of the Arizona Corporation Commission. Huber’s idea was a “fixed charge on every solar customer’s bill.” It would become the nation’s first monthly utility fee for customers who… Read more »
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Is TURN’s Relationship with California Utility Commissioner Mike Florio More Important than Consumer Protection?
Checks and Balances Project did something yesterday we haven’t done before: we requested records from a well-known consumer protection nonprofit. In a letter to California’s The Utilities Reform Network (TURN), we asked the organization to voluntarily provide communications records with Mike Florio, a public utility commissioner under fire for ethical misconduct who had been its… Read more »
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Captured Regulators Initiative
Checks and Balances Project Launches Captured Regulators Initiative
Influence peddling in America is a $9 billion a year industry. It’s as big as Major League Baseball or NASA’s Mars spacecraft program, changing from direct meetings with lawmakers to a vertically integrated set of businesses that work every stage of government decision making – including the shaping of public opinion. Many have charted the… Read more »
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