Mayor De Blasio
Inquiries to New York Union Leader Peter Ward Go Unanswered
Large Payments to a Nonprofit Linked to Mayor De Blasio and the Hotel Association Raise Questions For the past several months, we have been investigating the political and business activities of Peter Ward, who holds three lucrative union positions: president of the New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council (HTC); business manager of Local 6;… Read more »
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anonymous tip
Anonymous Tip from Penn State: “There is a bigger story here.”
“The director and long time assistant director are colluding with [Professor] John O’Neill,” writes tipster In late December, we received an anonymous tip in the mail from a reader about our ongoing inquiry into possible ethics violations by Penn State Professor John W. O’Neill of the School of Hospitality Management (SHM). Our inquiry has so… Read more »
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Unraveling Penn State’s Confusing Ethics Oversight
Questions About Professor’s Ties to Hotel Lobby Uncover an Ethics Labyrinth Since October of last year, we’ve been reporting on the potential ethics violations of Professor John W. O’Neill of Penn State’s School of Hospitality Management (SHM). He appears to be operating a private consulting practice on campus, using the University’s prestige to increase the… Read more »
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Penn State
Who Is Investigating Questions about Professor O’Neill’s Ethics?
Our reporting has found strong evidence indicating Penn State Professor John W. O’Neill is using his position at the School of Hospitality Management to bolster his consulting practice and credibility of his hotel lobby-funded research. If true, this would violate the university’s ethics standards. So, we were encouraged to learn via a Dec. 17 Centre Daily Times… Read more »
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Penn State Professor O'Neill
Questions About Penn State Professor O’Neill Referred to Ethics Office
Our Visit Sparks University Probe  Not long after we began investigating the hotel lobby’s campaign to undermine the more sustainable method of hospitality offered by home sharing, we became aware of Penn State Professor John O’Neill. Professor O’Neill is a well-known advocate for the hotel lobby (here) and is frequently called upon by journalists. But… Read more »
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Dean Crouter
Will Dean Crouter Enforce Penn State’s Ethical Standards?
C&BP Writes to Dean Crouter for Help to Get Prof. O’Neill to Follow Established Policy  In October, we posed a series of questions to Penn State Provost Nicholas Jones about the School of Hospitality Management’s (SHM) and Professor John W. O’Neill’s relationship with the hotel industry lobby. On November 9th, the University finally responded in… Read more »
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